Tuckpointing - ZOHA


Tuckpointing is a process of replacing disintegrated mortar with the new mortar between the bricks and stones. Brick and stones will remain for a long time unless they contact harmful elements, just like in the northern areas. But in Canada, water is the only threat that occurs after the freezing.

In most cases, we are called to do the tuckpointing where it is always faulty rain-gutter, poorly operating window sill, or water quickly drying up from the ground into the stone or brick walls and freezing afterward. It leads the mortar to break up or make the brick fall apart. If you want no maintenance, then you have to protect your masonry walls from getting wet.

When doing tuckpointing, we join the same color, and we ensure to pull out the appearance of the new mortar. Same as the contiguous mortar joints, so you can’t tell that we have done repointing work.