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Zoha Masonry team is specialized in all types of commercial as well as residential masonry services. We serve all the area within Toronto and its surrounding areas as well. Our services include, brick replacement, concrete work, stone porches from scratch and we can also repair and replace the old broken bricks of porches, tuckpointing that gives strength and a new look to your walls, Parging to insulate the bottom of walls from bad weather, Chimney repair for proper venting once again and the complete water proofing of your home.

We are always available to talk and customize your package of services according to your requirement and budget specifications.

Why to Hire Zoha Masons for Masonry Services?

We are Quick and Eveready, at your service within the first hour of call.

Work Equipment and Raw Material Availability

We are equipped with every tool of requirement in masonry work starting from the commonly used trowels, floats, plumb bob, angled scales, measuring tools and the bigger ones like mortar making tools, levelling tools, finishing tools, and all types of cutting tools. This ensures our work do not have any type of adjustment done with shortage of tools like most of the local masons does.

For raw material, if you are already familiar with the raw material used in mason work you can buy the quality of your choice. However, we can also help you in the proper selection to save your money and time, as we daily deal with such jobs of buying and may have better experience of buying the best at best price.

Performance and Weather Conditions

Industry standards suggests the normal range of temperatures between 4.4°C and 37.78°C (40°F to 100°F) for conducting masonry construction and repairs. If you are in Toronto the most appropriate time is the spring and summer season.

However, the experienced masons do not give the excuse of bad weather, they know better how to plan and manage the work according to the weather, for example the job of mortar mixing can be done inside or under roof, so that extreme cold weather do not affect and the chimney interior works and fireplace remodeling goes well in winter and the exteriors like brick replacement in summers, stone work can be done in winter season, concrete can be shifted to summers. Tasks are also managed according to day and night temperature shifts.

In case of high rise development projects, the construction and masonry work goes on throughout the entire year.

Maintenance Tips and Cleanup of Work Spot

We believe in long term relationships with every customer we serve. Like every other profession we also give our customers tips of better maintenance to keep the floors and furnishes look shiny and new for a longer period of time and to avoid deterioration of quality.

In case of masonry work, no job looks complete until the spot is cleaned and given up a retouch. The process of construction creates an unpleasant environment for homeowners because of concrete works, tools and machine noises. Once the job is complete, a lot of messy materials and debris are left everywhere. All this needs to be cleaned to get your in original state.

Our Masonry Services

masonry services


We can repair porches and also build new ones from scratch.


masonry services


Through tuckpointing, you can repair the mortar joints from destruction.


masonry services


Parging is a process that masons use to protect the surface of masonry.


masonry services


we offer an array of Contracting Services including concrete for Residential and Commercial projects.


masonry services

Brick replacement

Broken brick can fall at any time in a wall or chimney not only looks terrible, and it will lead to further destruction.


masonry services

Stone porches

It is a roofed or open-air gallery that also requires maintenance


masonry services

Chimney Repairs

We have all of the necessary materials, scaffolding etc.


masonry services

Water Proofing

Waterproofing basement walls is a process where we dig up around the house


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