Superior Chimney Repair, Protection and Maintenance Works

Superior Chimney Repair, Protection and Maintenance Works

Chimney is one of the most important part of our house which needs to be always well maintained for the proper ventilation of smoke and other fumes from kitchen works. If you have a chimney at your home, it’s very common to say that you may overlook its condition until it refuses to escape the bad air or the water starts sweeping into the firebox. However chimney repair and maintenance service is required at this point

Some Common Signs that Chimney Repair or Maintenance is Mandatory

  • Cracks: Cracks are visible signage that can be seen from interior or exterior of the chimney. Common reasons behind are freezing or thawing weather conditions, improperly built footing, soil issue or lack of maintenance.
  • Leaks: Water droplets falling off the corners and bricks, or stains appearing along the walls and ceiling is the common sign that your chimney is leaking. Common causes behind could be a lost chimney crown or a damaged one through which the rainwater goes directly into the chimney. Another reason could be flashing, flashing is the point at which your roof meets chimney, it is supposed to have a waterproof sealing to avoid water penetration in between the both. An improper sealing or damaged seal causes chimney leaks.
  • Blockage: Nesting of birds like bats and squirrels is common cause of chimney blockage. Animal droppings is the common signage that they are living inside, and there dropping usually contain bacteria and can lead to diseases such as Histoplasmosis.
  • Structural Damage: It’s okay to say no chimney can last forever, structural damage is inevitable after few years. Common signs are cracks and damaged footing. Reasons could be chimney age, faults in build up or missing cap.

Here are some protective and maintenance tips:

  • Proper Built Up:Hire a professional team to build a chimney when it is your first time. They will suggest the best raw material such as quality of bricks, cement concrete and the sealants to keep your house chimney more durable and usable too.
  • Proper Built Up: Hire a professional team to build a chimney when it is your first time. They will suggest the best raw material such as quality of bricks, cement concrete and the sealants to keep your house chimney more durable and usable too.
  • Flashing Point Sealing:Whether it is your first build attempt or a chimney maintenance work, sealing material for flashing point is essential to be of good quality, water proof and applied with a professional hand, as it going to harm your home roof if not done properly.

    If you spot chimney dripping, at firsthand look for visible cracks on the flashing point and do not ignore the small cracks as they are going to be larger, if not repaired.

  • Chimney Crown:Also called as chimney cap made to cover the chimney top. The purpose of chimney cap is protect it from harsh weather of rain and snow, more it can protect it from birds by avoiding them to nest inside the chimney. If you ever find chimney crown broken or lost, go for a new one immediately avoiding further damage to chimney.
  • Regular Cleaning:Cleaning of chimney on regular basis will ensure maximum performance and protect it from fire harms. Also it will ensure to clean the soot, creosote and other harmful ash particles to prevent health hazards. There are many equipment available in the market for cleanup special wire brushes and specialist vacuum to clean the chimney. Start with the brush from top to downward direction to clean the collect dust, ash and debris. It is important to look for if the chimney is in correct shape even after it’s cleaning to make sure it is secure and effective.

    The most important job you are doing here is to look for any cracks and leaks appearing on the inside and outer layer of chimney. In case you find out any cracks or leak, means it require a professional chimney repair or maintenance work.

  • Hire a professional:The wisest way to keep the chimney durable is to hire a professional chimney maintenance personal once a year. The reason behind is that some problems may be visible to you, but other can be underlying which a professional can only spot with his/her expertise and experience in the field.
  • How can I find out the best and affordable Chimney Repair and Maintenance in my Area?

    Chimney Repair and maintenance experts

    Every good business is now online with their reviews of previous customers and verification of business, just go for some quotes and hire that suites your budget and place. If you are in Toronto, Ontario, Zoha Masonry is a good choice. We are equipped with every tool of requirement and appropriate labor and expert team to tackle the problems of your home chimney. Hire to have the best chimney repair and maintenance service at reasonable cost!

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